Gucci replica handbags

Five Advantages of Buying Genuine Gucci Handbags over Replica Gucci Bags

The best advantage of buying an authentic Gucci handbag rather than a cheap knock off Gucci is you get a product par excellence.

Authentic Gucci and Workmanship

1. Authentic Gucci bags and replica handbags are works of art every last one of them. You can’t say the same for Gucci replica. A genuine Gucci bag is something that will outlive you and perhaps your kids as well. There are no short cuts or cutting corners involved.

2. The craftsmen are paid well so they can concentrate on their crafts rather than worry about money and feeding their family. They are perfectionists and love what they are doing. The product of their labour is naturally an exquisite work of art. No patchy bags with crude stitching that come apart at inopportune times as in fake Gucci.

Gucci and Taxes

3. Gucci is an honest business that pays regular taxes unlike the people who sell knock off Gucci repliac bags. The counterfeit industry is illegal. In other words, they are non-existent. How will a non-existent business pay taxes. So, every time you buy an authentic product, a part of the money you pay, goes into the government coffers as taxes. Without this money, how can the government fund welfare measures? Conversely, every time you buy counterfeit Gucci, you are merely filling the pockets of unscrupulous elements. There are reports claiming that the counterfeit trade also funds terrorism. So, the next time you come across cheap replicas, think of what buying it, would actually mean.

Knock Off Gucci replica and Personal Safety

4. Because of the global economic impact of counterfeiting, governments around the world are taking serious steps to curb it. So, sellers of knock-off Gucci replica bags have gone underground. This means, if you want to buy Gucci replicas, you will be taken to warehouses hidden in places where there are hardly any people around. To evade being caught, the seller might lock the ware house with you inside. What are the chances that you won’t be mugged? Is such a risk worth taking? No such worries when you buy genuine Gucci.

5. When you buy replica Gucci online, you provide not only your credit card information but also your contact information. What if the website is merely a ruse to collect personal information? When you buy genuine Gucci, you don’t have to worry about all these things. What you see is what you get. Your personal and credit card information is safe and you are contributing to the economy of your country.